Sarah Palin sexy nude pictures

September 4, 2008 at 3:29 am (Political Fantasy, Sexual Fantasies, Sexual Talk) (, , , )

Naked Sarah Palin
Naked Sarah Palin

Oh Sarah, Sarah. Just a few days ago I didn’t know who Sarah Palin was, until McCain picked a largely unkown woman as his VP, a woman who makes me dream of her in the wildest ways imagined after her nude pictures were published; wow you were one sexy girl and you still are!!

Sarah, that nude picture of you, with a cloth draped over your shoulder as one of your young perky breasts is left uncovered drives me over the roof. Right now my greatest fantasy would be to see you model for me on cam (if you want to meet me there is this Adult Nude WebCam Chat called I’m always there, just give me a heads up). You are now 44 years old, but you seem to take good care of yourself and I’m pretty sure your body is still toned and fit, still ready to turn on a gal here and prove to me how ready you are to run our country with such a hot body, whether clothed or naked.

Sarah Palin Bikini

Sarah Palin Bikini

I fantasize of you taking off those doctor glasses and looking straight into that webcam as if it were myown soul. Letting your hair loose and tossing it from side to side, giving a low sexual “roar”. (hmm with that right there I would throw myself on you). As you slowly unbutton your shirt and expose your lace demi bra, as I’m drooling to just see your breasts, to see those nipples, to think of sucking and biting on them. You throw your shirt out of sight and just move your body around, “sexy dance” I’ll call it. Your hands moving from your breasts down touching yourself all over. You have a little black skirt on and you lift it up a little, teasing me. Your back is turned to the cam as your hands find their way to the back zipper of your skirt and start pulling down….showing a crack, a crack of skin and then I realize you don’t have anything underneath. MMM I’m dying here for you woman! Your skirt slides down your rounded hips to your feet and you bend over to get that skirt out of the way, just staying there for a minute so I can contemplate that given beauty you have of your cheeks. You then stand up and turn around unclipping your bra giving me the most tremendous pleasure of seeing your breast, they haven’t changed that much from that nude picture of when you were young. Those breast are still beautiful, those nipples are still desirable and touchable. You begin to touch yourself, one hand on your clit rubbing it back and forth while you suck on your other hand and place it over your nipples, I can see that you like pinching yourself, which means you’d enjoy my teeth biting on them softly. You continue to rub your clit and your vagina is soaking wet; You lay backwards and move your body slowly, your back arching your legs curved as you pleasure yourself all over. You finally climax and I climax with you on the other side of the chat screen. I definately know why John McCain picked you as his running mate.

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